• The institution demands a high standard of punctuality & regularity from its staff &
  • Students must reach school at least 5 minutes before the morning
  • Absence without intimation for a period of 05 days in a month will render a student liable to withdrawal / expulsion from the
  • Students arriving after the end of assembly will be inquired and in case of implausible reason, will be fined Rs: 50/- per late
  • Fine of Rs: 100/- will be charged from each absent student per day, in case of three absentees in a month rate of fine will be doubled for 4th and onward
  • The institution is in no way responsible / accountable for books, equipment, money or valuables lost by the
  • Students should not bring expensive watches, pens, calculators , to the institution. Bringing electronic and communication devices like mobile phones and laptops are strictly forbidden.
  • Consent of the parents for excursion or educational trips arranged by the college is asked in The college takes no responsibility for any damage during such trips.
  • No sectarian or political functions are permitted to be held by the students in the college
  • Following offences can render a student liable to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Discipline Committee:
  • Indiscipline, cheating, stealing or immoral
  • Breaking institution’s
  • Rudeness to
  • Keeping fire-arms and other lethal
  • Willfully damaging institution’s
  • Consistently showing poor performance in
  • leaving institution’s premises without proper
  • Smoking and using or bringing any kind of
  • Getting involved in quarrelling or physically assaulting any colleague or
  • Any other offence deemed to be serious enough by the institution’s Discipline

Refund of Fee

On parent’s request after admission security charges will be refunded in full. Remaining of the deposited amount may be paid back as under: –

  • within 3 days of deposit -75%
  • within 7 days of deposit – 50%
  • within 15 days of deposit-25%
  • after 15 days – Nil Payment
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  1. How do you submit the school copy online as written on the fee bill. I ask this because I submitted the fee bill another Askari Bank, an have been scouting your site for 10 minutes but have found no place as such.

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